Moroccan energy squares are a perfect guilt-free snack for those who want to fill their body with good, wholesome nutrients.

Our Moroccan energy bars respect the traditional recipe of this almond-based snack and are sweetened with dates or honey. We have adapted the recipe to be gluten-free. Each energy bar has an authentic Moroccan taste.

With multiple amazing flavors such as The Authentic, Crunchy Dark Chocolate and Matcha Pistachio Crunchyou will always have an energy bar to satisfy your cravings and provide you with the energy you need.

Our Moroccan energy squares are gluten-free ingredients and sweetened ONLY with dates or honey.

These Moroccan Energy Bars use an authentic Moroccan recipe that we have created to be dairy, soy, and preservative-free. Our recipe contains no refined sugar (traditionally, this recipe calls for butter and sugar).

Authentic Moroccan Energy Bars give you a quick boost!

This snack is to Moroccans what energy bars are to the rest of the world. This recipe has been used for thousands of years by the nomads to give them strength and energy during their long voyages. Traditionally, similar products have been served to women after giving birth to provide strength and stimulate milk production for the baby. In Moroccan culture, energy bars have also been used by men to boost their energy. When properly prepared, they can be stored for months.

Our Moroccan Energy Squares were years in the making.

When we started developing our gluten-free energy squares, we first looked to traditional Moroccan recipes. After years of perfecting the recipes, we managed to create our special version. 

We hope you enjoy our Authentic Moroccan Energy Squares!