Meet Amal, Founder of Amalgamations


Amalgamations Moroccan Cookies was inspired by Amal’s love for baking that started when she was a little girl. Growing up in Morocco, she was accustomed to food that featured unique spices with rich and diverse flavors.

Baking runs in the family.

Amal has fond memories of her mom and grandma opening their home to friends and neighbors to share delicious food with a cup of Moroccan green tea. These memories always stuck with Amal, inspiring her to return to her Moroccan roots and create the ultimate comfort food, reminiscent of her dear home.

Moroccan sweets are delectable and made using nourishing ingredients such as orange blossom water, almonds, walnuts, anise, fennel, cardamom and other spices, sweetened with dates and honey. The Macaroon Cookies are inspired by these flavors and all baked with passion.

Moroccan Macaroons (Ghriba), Energy Squares  & Gazelle Horns (Kaab El Ghazal), are made from recipes passed down by her family and friends, spending years perfecting them.

Amal has created her own version of these traditional Moroccan Cookies gluten-free with real flavors and reduced in sugar that provide a boost of energy and taste delicious! Amalgamations was born and now offers best sellers such as the Authentic Orange Blossom Macaroon, Chocolate & Hazelnut Macaroon and Energy Squares  with flavors like Crunchy Dark Chocolate and Matcha Pistachio Crunch.

And now we have launched our new line of product :

The Gazelle Horns (Kaab El Ghazal) 

3 different versions, which two are Vegan!


Want to learn more about how Amal got her start or have a question about her products? Check out the FAQ Page or visit the Contact Page to message her.

Enjoy your  Moroccan Macaroons (Ghriba), Energy Squares  & Gazelle Horns (Kaab El Ghazal) and more products coming soon...!